The New Tesla Prices

Here is the new pricing table updated with the information in the letter sent to Tesla Roadster owners on January 16th. This is an unofficial compilation for comparison purposes, based on my understanding and interpretation of the old and new packages, options and prices. Please post any corrections in the comments.

The email describing the new options and pricing did not detail the cut-off between the old pricing and new pricing, but I believe the new pricing applies to all 2008 model year Roadsters which had not already entered production. I will update as details become available.

Note that there are significant changes from the options communicated to owners nearing production earlier in the week.

The following options were previously available and are now available at adjusted prices and in different bundles:

  Original ($) Current ($)
SolarPlus Windshield (included) 400
High Power Connector (included) 3,000
Forged Alloy Tesla Wheels (included) 2,300
Painted Hardtop 3,200 3,200
Metallic Paint 500 1,000
Premium Paint 1,000 2,000
Paint Armor approx 1,400 1,495
Premium Interior 1,800 1,800
Floor Mats 125 150
Mobile Connector (120V/15A & 240V/40A) 350 N/A
Mobile Connector (120V/15A) N/A (included)
Mobile Connector (120V/15A) Additional N/A 600
Mobile Connector (240V/30A) N/A 1,500
Upgraded Stereo Head Unit
with Navigation System
1,200 N/A
Bluetooth 100 N/A
Sat Radio 400 N/A
Premium Speakers 800 N/A
Homelink door opener (included) N/A
Electronics Group
(includes above 5 items)
N/A 3,000
Destination Charge 950 1,950

The apparent change in the 240V mobile charger from 40A to 30A may be to satisfy regulatory requirements. I will update this when I find out more from Tesla.

These are new options not previously available:

  Price ($)
Executive Leather Interior 6,000
Premium Carbon Fiber and Leather Interior 9,000
Clear Carbon Fiber Hardtop 5,000
Clear Carbon Fiber Accent Group 9,000
Performance Tires 850
Custom Tuned Adjustable Suspension 4,000
Battery Replacement 12,000
Extended Warranty
(2yr/24,000 miles, excludes battery)

At this time, we don't know what the performance tires are or how they compare to the current and previous standard tires. I will update when we learn more.

Price Increase

The price increase for owners who had previously locked in their options depends on which options were chosen and which previously standard options the owner is willing to give up. Here are some examples:

Increase Scenario
$ 1,000 New base model, losing alloy wheels and SolarPlus windshield, and replacing HPC with 120V/15A mobile connector.
$ 6,700 The previous base model configuration with no options added, which includes the HPC, the SolarPlus windshield and the silver forged alloy Tesla wheels; also gets 120V/15A mobile connector.
$ 9,350 Fully loaded model from previously available options, mobile connector reduced from 240V/40A to 240V/30A.

Revision History

  • Jan 17 2009 13:44 PST: revised table of examples to include original base model.
  • Jan 17 2009 23:32 PST: confirmed that Homelink transmitter was standard equipment.

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