Tom & Cathy's LEAF Upgrades

Last Updated June 1, 2013

We've upgraded our LEAF in several ways. Here are details and resources for the modifications.

  • State-of-Charge Meter [January, 2012] – This is a kit designed by another LEAF owner. It plugs into the LEAF's diagnostic (OBD-II) port and shows a more precise state of charge than the 12 bars on the dash, as well as measurements like pack voltage and current.
  • Charge Port Light [January 8, 2013] – We added LED lights to the charge port. They come on when the charge port door is opened and are automatically turned off (via a microcontroller) after a few minutes.
  • Polar Bear Decals [June 1, 2013] – It's great to see so many LEAFs on the road these days, but we decided ours needed to be more distinct, so we added polar bear decals.

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