Fun with Rokenbok

Last Updated July 23, 1999

New additions to the Rokenbok family arrived July 22, 1999.

The RC Skip Track is a front loader that lets you drop balls from higher than the other vehicles, while keeping the vehicle small and nimble. It's a fun little vehicle, but it is a little too easy to accidentally unload the scoop making turns around rails.

The Piston Factory is kind of a sorter that runs through multiple states moving the balls from piston to piston as a vehicle moves back and forth below the lever with the blue wheel. I think this can be used to construct a base negative 2 adder...

Stay tuned for a new setup integrating the new pieces.

These photos from July 22, 1999 show the 3 down-a-vator setup that we've had up for the past several months.

More fun on February 10, 1999. As the old saying does, "two Down-A-Vators are better than one." Key to pulling this one off was discovering that the "Ramps and Decks" set contains half-sized purple decks…

Tom's Rokenbok layout as of January 25, 1999. The latest additions are a sorter and a second conveyer, with one conveyer feeding into the other. Also new is a "Down-A-Vator" that makes for a fun way to bring equipment down from the upper levels.

Side View Top View

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