Tom & Cathy's Random Programs

Last Updated March 4, 2000


MacBinary.exe (90K) is a DOS utility that Tom wrote to decode MacBinary files. MacBinary is a format for packing in the several parts of a Macintosh data file into a single file. Mac-based email clients like to encode files in MacBinary, even when it's not strictly necessary. MacBinary files also occasionally appear on FTP sites as ".bin" files.

This utility will extract the data fork of the MacBinary encoded file into a new file. This may not be useful in all cases, but it's better than the MacBinary file which is useful in no cases (unless you're using a Macintosh, of course). As far as I know, it's compatible with MacBinary and MacBinary II formats.

You will need to run it from a DOS prompt. Run it with no arguments to get help.

SonyCam.exe (46K) is a DOS utility that Cathy wrote to read the picture data (shutter speed, aperature, etc) encoded in .jpg files created by Sony DSC-D700 digital cameras.

Note: this works for files generated by our camera, but is not guaranteed to work for everyone. I determined the locations of the data by examining the files; I've gotten no official information about data storage.

You will need to run it from a DOS prompt. Run it with no arguments to get help.


fractal.exe (66K) is a Windows application by Cathy that generates beautiful fractal images of the Mandelbrot set. Tom created a Macintosh version (64K) that requires a PowerPC-based Macintosh running MacOS 8.1 or later.

See the User Guide for Windows or Macintosh for details on using these programs.

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