Cougar Mountain Zoo Photos

Last Updated July 24, 2009

On July 22, 2009, we had an incredible opportunity to interact with two Bengal tiger cubs at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. They are brothers, born about 2 months ago, and each weighing around 20 pounds.

Bengal tigers occur naturally in 4 color variations. The coloring is determined by dominant / recessive genes, as with eye color. The colors, in order from most to least common are: orange with black stripes, white with black stripes, golden with cinnamon stripes, and snow or pure white (no stripes).

The zoo's two new cubs are the orange and white colors. The zoo also has two older Bengal tigers; they are white and golden.

We also checked out some of the other animals at the zoo. There are pictures of alpaca and macaws at the end of the gallery.

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Two-month-old orange and white Bengal tiger cubs

Cathy with both cubs

Cathy with both cubs

Orange tiger leaping at bamboo

Got it!

Orange tiger draped on Tom's legs

Tom with white tiger

White tiger checking out Tom's shoe

Cathy photographing Tom and white tiger

Orange tiger checking out Cathy's fingers

Tom photographing Cathy and white tiger

White tiger getting ready to pounce

Orange tiger attacking bamboo

Orange tiger playing with bamboo

Cathy watching orange tiger
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