Tom & Cathy's Tesla Store Photos, July 2008

Last Updated July 21, 2008

Here are some photos we took during visits to the Tesla Motors stores in Los Angeles and Menlo Park on July 18 and 19, 2008.

Tom visited the LA store on July 18th to photograph EP6, an early evaluation prototype which is the only known roadster painted Twilight Blue. He also photographed the Sterling Silver VP10, a later validation prototype that has been driven about 12,000 miles, including a lot of hard-driving owner test drives.

We both attended the reception at the Menlo Park Tesla Store the next day. At that event, we saw a number of prototypes in various colors and photographed VP09 (Electric Blue) and VP18 (Radiant Red with microfiber interior).

The last page of the gallery shows how much the Twilight Blue color changes with viewing angle, even in direct sunlight. Notice how it changes from looking almost Electric Blue to virtually black.

Note to pending Tesla owners: Although we've adjusted the color temperature with a white-balance sample on most of these photos, we don't recommend making color choices based solely on these photos. The Twilight Blue really has to be seen to be appreciated. Even the Radiant Red looks much richer and deeper than these photos suggest.

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EP6 - Twilight Blue

EP6 - Twilight Blue

EP6 - Tesla Luggage in Trunk

EP6 - Backpack in Trunk

VP10 - Sterling Silver

VP10 - Speedometer

VP10 - Radio

VP10 - Start Charging

VP10 - Charging
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