Tom & Cathy's RAV4-EV
Door Fabric Repair

Last Updated April 29, 2009

before   The fabric on the inside of the doors had come unglued in most places; it was still held in place by things like the handle and some of the edges.
We used Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive; it's one of several options for gluing fabric to plastic. To apply it, we got a couple of inexpensive, disposable brushes since we didn't expect to be able to clean the glue from the brushes (we were correct). We ended up just using the smaller (1/2") brush.   materials
After 'painting' glue on the plastic, we smoothed the fabric back into place and tucked in the edges using a small card.

Sorry, no pictures of the glue process; we were concerned about it drying too quickly!
  tucking in edges
the final result   The final result -- as good as (or even better than) new!

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